Thursday, December 25, 2008

Basic Camera/Light Bar

We're headed to Day Island Wall tomorrow, and there's supposed to be tons of adult and juvenile wolf eels and octos there. My camera has been frustrating me lately, especially in low-light situations, because there isn't enough ambient light to allow the camera to focus. Also, I can't take decent video because my light is attached to my right hand, which is the same hand I hold the camera with.

I've been meaning to construct a simple camera/light bar for a while, but our house remodel has kept me too busy. Today, I quickly threw something together that should make a big improvement. It's just a simple aluminum bar with a couple holes drilled through it, one for the camera and one for the light.

I need to pick up a tap and die set so I can tap the hole I drilled in the bottom of my old Princeton Tec light, but a zip tie will have to suffice for tomorrow. The aluminum bar fit pretty snugly into one of the grooves in the light's handle, which turned out to be a happy accident. I also robbed the thumb screw from my laser leveler to attach the camera, and I'll have to get a dedicated thumb screw later.

At any rate, here's a (somewhat blurry) photo of what it looks like.

I'll post whatever photos I get at Day Island tomorrow night.

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