Sunday, February 8, 2009

#338: Alki & 64th, Feb 7 2009

This was my first dive at this site. Conditions were excellent with about 25' vis and very little current. Holly and I dropped in about 15 fsw and swam straight out to the trail line.

There are lots of small piles of junk along the line, but away from the line there's nothing but sand. I saw a seal in the first couple minutes and switched my camera to video mode, but he never came back. We drifted west generally along the line until it started curving south (shallower). Then we turned around and swam back east at roughly half our max depth. When we both had enough, we turned SE and did our safety stop in the eel grass.

I found it difficult to find good photo opportunities at this site, and I probably wouldn't be too excited to dive it again. Maybe a night dive would bring out some more critters, though.

Eggs of some sort

The south end of a northbound Copper Rockfish

Puget Sound Sculpin

White plumose anemones

Squid eggs

Decorator crab

Anemones stuck on eel grass

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