Wednesday, February 18, 2009

#340: Redondo, Feb 17 2009

It was a short dive last night because I flooded the lower half of my suit. Basically, the p-valve hose detached from the brass fitting on the valve because there wasn't enough flex in it, and sea water came in pretty quickly. The OMS valve I'm using doesn't have any way to close it in case of flooding, and I'm thinking I should have gotten the Halcyon valve instead. The Halcyon on my Apollo never leaked once, even though I actually never hooked the hose up to anything (I couldn't bring myself to trust it).

The upside is I was trying out my new Weezle Compact undersuit, and I didn't get cold even though half my suit was flooded. I had been using the fleece undersuit that came with my High Tide drysuit, but recently I've been getting quite cold on our hour+ dives. The Weezle was a LOT warmer. The air temp was probably in the mid 40's last night, but I couldn't get in the water fast enough. I felt like I was mildly overheating, even when standing chest deep in the water putting my fins on.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a totally valid test because I had to abort the dive after only 30 minutes due to the flood. And then I was swimming pretty good from the dome to the pier after that, which always warms me up. I'll give it another shot Friday at Redondo and Saturday at Keystone after I redo the plumbing on my p-valve to avoid the same problem.

I did have my camera, but was so distracted the whole time I only managed to squeak out one decent shot.

Stubby Squid

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