Saturday, February 28, 2009

#344: Redondo, Feb 27 2009

Tami's gloves and suit got wet somehow, so rather than tough it out she decided to bail. She's kind of a princess that way. =)

Marty and I checked out the observation pipe and nearby boat, then headed north at around 60 fsw very slowly. After a while, I headed NE, and we ran into the eagle statue, then continued on to the VW. We picked up the pace a little at that point, and headed back to the pier so we could meet the girls for dinner at the Thai place up the hill.

Here's a few of the critters we ran into:

Giant Pacific Octopus (under boat near tube)

Frosted Nudibranch

Pacific Prawn

Small Giant Pacific Octopus

Roughback Sculpin with brain-sucking parasites =)

Stubby Squid

Sparkling Shrimp


Shag-Rug Nudibranchs

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